Life Hack: How To Get Paid To Go To The Gym

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you’re like me, you love Life Hacks. Life can be hard and stressful enough, so when an opportunity arises to be creative AND make things easier I’m there! Now, I’ve always thought about going to the gym but I’ve never really acted on it; primarily due to the financials. My logic being: if I can buy a piece of equipment to work out on, why would I pay a monthly fee to use virtually the same equipment at a gym? However that was before I actually realized you could make money by going to the gym. In today’s blog I’m going to outline not just how you can get paid to go to the gym and fitness centers; but how preserving your physical health is essential to your financial well-being:

Did Someone Say Insurance – I always considered my full time job as a medical debt collector a bit of an oxymoron. Mainly I deal with insurance reps and patient’s who owe several clinics money; my job is to get this money from them and strike up various payment plans etc… I always thought it was a little funny how my job is to talk to insurance companies, who make money by me staying healthy, who in turn raise my blood pressure and at times destroy my mental health (#gofigure!?). In any case, I recently started looking into gym memberships to combat high blood pressure and just to release some stress. Then I got an idea: does insurance cover gym memberships? I started to dive a little deeper into this and discovered most insurances do!

How It Works – Personally I have BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey) as my insurance carrier and they have a program called HorizonbFit. Essentially they participate with bigger gym franchises such as (LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Golds Gym, etc… )* and will reimburse $20/mo (or $240/yr) if you go to the gym 12 times a month! So you might be thinking ok… how can I get paid to go to the gym? Well say you do have Horizon BCBS and have a planet fitness membership (which can start at as little as $10/mo or $120/yr) if you go 12 times a month you’ll be eligible for a rewards of up to $20/mo. This essentially means you can get paid $120.00 ($240 in rewards – $120 gym membership = $120.00) to go to the gym! *Please note that BCBS plans outside of NJ might participate with different fitness centers and gyms around your area. The best way to find out if your gym participates with your BCBS plan is to go to the HorizonBFit website and type in your plan ID number and location.


What Are Some Other Ways I Can Save? – The cool part about gym incentive programs from insurance companies are that there are other ways to save. Many times people forget that saving money is the same as making money! Even if you’re insurance carrier doesn’t cover the full yearly amount of your gym membership, that is money you are saving; which in turn can be allocated towards an investment that will make you money! Think about it, even if you saved $100/yr extra and invested that money each year in an IRA or other dividend/passive income producing asset, the return on your money would grow without question.

Health Benefits – It goes without question that Healthcare Costs in the United States is a topic that needs alot of addressing. Premiums are through the roof for many people who seek insurance independently, making it barely affordable. However, by utilizing a gym incentive program you cannot discount the obvious benefit: your health! Think of utilizing a gym incentive program as not only getting a free (or close to free) gym membership, but saving on Doctors visit copays, visits to specialists, and other types of medical emergencies which might be brought on by neglect of physical activity.

Conclusion – Overall, utilizing and looking into a gym incentive program might be just want the Doctor ordered (in my case literally). However don’t discount the benefits physical exercise can have on your financial health. Saving money is the same as making money and how you allocate and invest those savings can have a dramatic effect on your future financial health. The key takeaway: take care of yourself!

*For a complete List of Gyms that are covered by your insurance fitness incentive program it is best to call your insurance company.

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2 thoughts on “Life Hack: How To Get Paid To Go To The Gym

  1. I hate to rain on your parade, but HorizonBFit does not except Planet Fitness into their club list. In addition, most of these gyms have a start up fee of $10-$30 unless you catch the $1 promo deal. Then, almost every gym membership has at least a $39.95 annual fee tacked on to the $10/per month membership. Then don’t forget to add the taxes to all that. So are you really getting paid to go to the gym? Yes, maybe $20-30 per year, but not even close to the $120 your suggesting.

    1. Hey Six,

      Thanks so much for your comment, I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts! One thing I failed to mention in the blog was that I was referring to the HorizonBfit program for Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ. I personally have Horizon BCBSNJ and there are several planet fitness locations that accept BCBSNJ for the horizonbfit program (if you need any of the New Jersey locations please let me know!) With that said, you bring up a wonderful point, as I’m not sure if planet fitness “participates” with other horizon plans for their horizonbfit program; I will go back and adjust this in the blog to avoid any future confusion. I additionally understand it’s hard to earn $120.00/yr going to the gym; however I still believe it’s possible. Earning $120/yr for going to the gym would be the best case scenario. However like you suggested, even earning $20-$30/yr even though it seems minimal, is better than essentially losing money and racking up another expense. Living a healthier life-style by going to the gym will allow you to hopefully save money on copays, and other dr./specialist’s visits as well. Which again, in theory, should save you money. Thanks so much for your comment Six. The purpose of this blog is to help people, so please don’t shy away from raining on our parade if you have different views or thoughts. I respect and welcome them very much!

      Thanks Six,

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