3 Reasons The Gig Economy Is Here To Stay
3 Reasons The Gig Economy Is Here To Stay

3 Reasons The Gig Economy Is Here To Stay

“My father taught me to work; he did not teach me to love it.”– Abraham Lincoln

It’s full fledged winter time here in Northern NJ. The bears are sleeping, and people are complaining of cold weather in Winter (#gofigure) things seem pretty normal. Yet, one thing isn’t so normal; and that’s the interesting shape our economy is taking. In case you missed it, the Gig Economy is here! What exactly is the Gig Economy you might ask? The Gig Economy is an environment where workers work short term engagements such as temporary, freelance, or contracted positions. What makes the Gig Economy attractive to employers? The main upside to a Gig Economy for employers is the ability to not pay for benefits such as health insurance to freelance or temporary professionals; which is saving businesses TONS of money. So what makes the Gig Economy so great for you? Stay tuned to find out. Here are my three reasons why the Gig Economy is going to heat things up, and why you should be a part of it:


Do What You Want – The Gig Economy is all about taking your strengths, and unique skills and monetizing them. Are you good at math? You can now work as a freelance tutor. Can you play a musical instrument? You can now giving lessons over the internet and charge for them! Do you enjoy writing? Become a blogger (hint, hint). The Gig Economy is full of possibilities and its pulling the Millennials and Gen Z out of the traditional 9-5 matrix. The basic gist of the Gig Economy is that everyone has something unique to bring to the table; why not capitalize on your uniqueness?


Tools – What makes the Gig Economy such a force to be reckoned with is that technology is backing it; big time. There are now apps such as TaskRabbit – which allows a variety of freelancers to pick up work on their own time, or Wyzant – which is perfect for tutoring professionals on an online or in person platform. In fact Wonolo.com published in October of 2017 the 50 Best Gig Economy’s Apps. Simply download your app of choice and start cashing in on something you’re interested in, or make an entire career out of hustling different jobs on YOUR time!


Opportunity – Listen up kids, this last point is important. Many people stay away from the Gig Economy because they feel it’s not the same as having a “real job.” But what many are failing to realize is the opportunity to freelance, get paid, and build your skills. If you want to be a writer there’s no better way to gain experience than to well… write. In many instances you need to build and gain that experience even before you go on to land that full time job. By freelancing in the Gig Economy you’re allowing yourself opportunity to go out and try different gigs; it’s like picking up an internship in any area you want. Are you going to like every job you try? Hell no. Passion is built from trying different things, and the Gig Economy allows that flexibility to try new things, make your own schedule, and get paid for it.


Conclusion – Did I mention the Gig Economy is here to stay? The reason being; employers haven’t caught on to the needs of Millennials and Gen Z yet. Between the option of a safe 9-5 job or a job where you can work from anywhere in the world and make your own hours; I would argue both generations would choose the later. The wind in the economy is picking up and I believe the freedom of working where and when we want is drastically out weighing the safety and stability our parent’s once cherished. Traveling and experiencing different adventures will be the key to both of the aforementioned generations, and the Gig Economy will be able to cater to that need better than a traditional 9-5 lifestyle. How do you feel about the Gig Economy? What appeals to you more: freedom to work where and when you want? or stability of a 9-5 job? Share your thoughts with us below!

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