3 Ways To Find, Practice, And Execute On Your Superpowers
3 Ways To Find, Practice, And Execute On Your Superpowers

3 Ways To Find, Practice, And Execute On Your Superpowers

“Well, look–scarcity, need, desire–ugly as these things can be, they’re the building blocks of most any societal structure. With nothing to lose, there’s no sacrifice. When you need for nothing, do you dream of anything? From struggle comes virtue. It’s part of our nature.” – Tony Stark
Let’s paint the picture. You’re in the middle of an interview and everything is going really well. The interviewer then looks up and asks: how are you different from other candidates? With clammy hands and a smile you look down and start to think. This seems like a bit of a loaded question. First off, you don’t know the other candidates, or if there are even other candidates. Second, you don’t want to come off like a pompous jerk spewing out why you’re perfect for the job. Thirdly you probably don’t want to come off as a timid person either where the interviewer might think you are not able to execute the responsibilities of the job. So what gives? How are you supposed to answer that question? I’m personally a firm believer that there is a way to answer this question. As poetic as it might sound, the answer lies within you. There is something that separates you drastically apart from other candidates. That something is your individual Superpower. In today’s blog I’m going to share how you can find your Superpower, execute on it, and set yourself apart from any candidate. Here are my 3 ways you can find you Superpowers:
Discovery – Finding your Superpowers might be easier than you think. Superpowers are traits you are innately good at. You might not have an explanation or remember how you developed these skills but your friends or colleagues might always compliment you on them, without you even being aware. Have you ever been told “You’re a great listener” or “ Thanks for always being there for me.” These are great examples of a special something you might have, that sets you apart from others. If you are unaware or unsure of your Superpowers listen to those closest to you, as they could shine some light on your true Superpowers. Some examples of most notable Superpowers are: empathy, listening, organizational skills, execution or the power to get things done, communication, work ethic, and many others. Choose your Superpowers and double down on them, hone them, and get extremely good at them. Start to view challenging situations as a means to unleash your Superpower; practice makes perfect. After going through a few situations where your Superpower shines it will almost be innate to act with excellence in accordance to your Superpower.
Execute On It – Just like how Superman knows when Lois Lane is in distress, you need to know the type of situations that warrant your Superpower. In a business setting, do your homework on the company you’re interviewing with, and see how your Superpower can help their cause. If you walk into an interview and the interviewer’s desk is messy, maybe they could use a little organization. Has the company you’re interviewing with had terribly slow growth? Maybe they need someone who can execute better and get productive outcomes. You see what I’m getting at. Every business needs your individual Superpowers and you can save them. If you really want to execute your Superpowers at a high level you need to be observant and feed your audience’s needs. Think to yourself, how can I help save that company? Come together with a plan and share that plan with the interviewer. I guarantee you will blow them away with your observance and willingness to address “problems” head on.
Set Yourself Apart – I mentioned before, I believe everyone has Superpowers. So how are you supposed to cast yourself apart from everyone else? Well here’s a little hint; not everyone uses or recognizes their Superpowers. You set yourself apart by having the self awareness, self confidence, and self identity to recognize that you are a force to be reckoned with. By having that awareness of your Superpowers you already bring to the table much more than other candidates, not to mention subconsciously you will be more confident in yourself and your abilities. The last point I want to make about Superpowers is to choose carefully what traits to base your Superpowers around. There are Destructive Superpowers such as having an excessive ego; interviewers and employers won’t find qualities such as that attractive. When you’re in that interview think to yourself “how can my Superpower help this company” when approached in that manner you’ll have increasingly more confidence and success.
Conclusion – Identifying, executing on, and practicing your Superpowers are how to set yourself apart. Not only are practicing your Superpowers good for your confidence, it’s good for your psyche. Remember, your mission with your Superpowers (when interviewing) is to help save that company in areas they are struggling in. Keep in mind, not every company wants to be saved, and if you do get a rejected job offer, there are tons more of other entities that need your powers. Remember to stay away from your destructive Superpowers, we all have them, but it’s your ability to bring out the positive change that will be attractive to both employers and those around you. What are some of your Superpowers? How do you separate yourself from everyone else? Let us know in the comments below!

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