3 Ways To Start Executing  On Your Goals Before 2018
3 Ways To Start Executing On Your Goals Before 2018

3 Ways To Start Executing On Your Goals Before 2018

“You become what you envision yourself being.” – Lewis Howes


One thing I find people have no shortage of are dreams, goals, and aspirations for what we want to become. We naturally daydream, are creative, and generally want to make an impact on those around us or on a larger scale. Yet, how can our ideas help change the world? The truth is, ideas and goals don’t mean much, unless acted upon. Think of all the New Year’s resolutions that fall to the wayside because of either lack of dedication or focus to make those goals happen. In today’s blog I want to talk about how to come up with your goals, and more importantly, how to dive in and execute on them. Here are my three ways you can execute on your goals and make them a reality!


Be Specific – So many of us have amazing goals that we want to achieve but just aren’t specific enough on how we will or want to execute them. You can’t really say “I want to be in the best shape of my life” and then just focus on one exercise or going to the gym without a solid regiment, and expect to reach your goal. It’s a slew of things! Diet, what areas of the body are you targeting on what days etc… The same falls true for any financial or career goals. Always write down your goals, and the steps you will specifically take to get there. If you want to reach 50k in savings, map out how you are going to do it. What expenses might you need to cut from your daily life? Do you need to get a second job? Explain brutally in depth how you are going to accomplish your goals and then follow those steps.


Positive Affirmations – Sounds corny right? Why would positive affirmations or motivational anything really help you reach your goals? Well affirmations alone will 100% not help you reach your goals, but a specific focused mindset will. One thing I like to do, is tell myself the qualities of the person who I want to be. I tell myself out loud: “ I’m the one who gets things done”, or “I’m the one who learns as much as I can.” What do these affirmations do? They help me form my identity. Tom Bilyeu, founder of Impact Theory, has a TON of wonderful advice on how to create, or recreate, your identity. It’s so important to realize and embrace that the mind believes what we tell it. If you’re going to feed your mind with thoughts; they might has well be positive ones.


Don’t Wait – If you have a burning goal you’re thinking about; simply do not wait. There is no reason why you cannot start on your path or at least start preparing for it today. At one point I certainly understood New Year’s resolutions. The whole “New Year, New You” thing was the mindset I doubled down on. Yet, after about 20 years of doing this I realized I can start a new anytime I want, and don’t need to wait for a mile marker to start anything. Remember, you can start or execute on your goals any time you want. Realize your brain will more than most likely tell you and encourage you to wait! This is because our brains are always looking to protect us, and sometimes setting grueling goals will be a difficult process (the brain knows this and wants to protect us) be aware to this and keep doing the uncomfortable; it will pay off.


Conclusion – What are you doing to reach your goals? Are you still waiting or planning? Analysis paralysis probably claims more dreams that we can imagine. Lucky for us there is a way around it. Remember to write down your goals, your plan for execution, and then hold yourself accountable. By taking the above steps you’re on your way to a new you not just for the New Year but any time you want. Let us know what you think in the comments below! We always love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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