Three Ways Curiosity Can Save Your Career
Three Ways Curiosity Can Save Your Career

Three Ways Curiosity Can Save Your Career

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” – Plutarch


Ok I’ll admit it… there are some days I get crazy bored at work. In fact, there has never been a job that at some point or another I haven’t stared aimlessly at the clock waiting to go home; there I said it. Yet, I’ve always managed to not only keep those jobs, but stay productive and essentially thrive at them. How did I do this? Curiosity. When I think about work I think about a game. I think of it as mission that I’m on to not only make the business better (regardless if I like the business or not), but how efficient I can make things. This all stems from an undying curiosity. Here are my three ways curiosity can save your career:


The Curiosity To Learn – If you asked me if I liked learning, I’d probably say it depends on the subject. But when working, learning is actually pretty fun. There are so many angles to approaching learning from. You can learn your co workers behaviors and concentrate on social science; or you can learn more about what everyone’s roll in the business is and how everything completes (or in some businesses doesn’t complete) the puzzle. Once you really have that opportunity to sit back and analyze your environment, you’ll actually develop strategies on how to approach people; and a feel for what the business needs. In both of these instances you’ll become not only more observant with your day to day duties, you’ll become more productive.


Curiosity About Yourself – Ever feel crazy overwhelmed or frustrated at work? I think we’ve all been there at one time or another. I think so many times the “go-to” solution for this is to eventually say “ I don’t get paid enough to do this, I’m quitting” which in some instances might be warranted. However, before I choose to leave a job I try to get curious as to why I’m feeling aggravated? What about the work or people I’m around is making me stress out? I know for a fact I don’t stress out when I’m by myself so what’s different about the work atmosphere? It’s so important to realize we are creatures of environment. Next time you want to leave or quit a job try learning a little about yourself before you go. Remember, if the same situation occurs at a different job you’ll more than most likely react the same way.


Curiosity About The Business – I’m a huge fan of the Christmas classic “It’s A Wonderful Life” and when I get crazy stressed I essentially think about what the business would be like without me. When I do this something kinda weird happens; I actually get more motivated. Why? Because when you think about it, you’ve made a difference. Whether you’ve been at your job for one day or one decade you’ve put in solid time and energy into your work, and that’s something to be proud of. Think about it, by just showing up and doing your job how many people get to help their families through the pay check you helped create! Really connect to your position and realize it’s so important not only to you, but your co workers families. If I never had the curiosity to be able to turn my attitude around; my work life would be much more difficult.


Conclusion – What are you curious about? How does your curiosity make you better in what your doing and leverage you up? Think of some ways that your curiosity could not only make your work environment a little easier, but possibly some ways that it could even make you personally happier. From my experience when we approach life with more of a curious mindset, we get to think why are we stressed? Or why is something not working out? When you question everything you might be able to find more than you ever anticipated! Please share your thoughts below! I’d love to hear what you think!

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