Three Tech Savvy Tools That Will Help You  Save Time And Money This Summer
Three Tech Savvy Tools That Will Help You Save Time And Money This Summer

Three Tech Savvy Tools That Will Help You Save Time And Money This Summer

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

Here’s a small confession: I’m a bit of a tech geek when it comes to new apps and gadgets. Here’s another confession: I’m admittedly in love with saving money, which of course if you’re reading this blog, I hope you are too! I recently had the chance to try out some different apps and sites; and wanted to share my findings with you. Below are the ones I found that not only saved me time but saved me money as well!


GasBuddy – As the old saying goes “Gas prices are as fickle as the heart” (#thatsnotarealsaying) and indeed they are. With gas prices expected to soar over $3.00 a gallon in New Jersey this summer I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll walk to work if I have to. Luckily with GasBuddy, I don’t have to! GasBuddy is an app that simply shows you where the cheapest gas is in your area.


You simply put in your location and how many miles you’d like to travel and GasBuddy does the rest. The app is always being updated constantly by other users driving by and reporting what price they are paying for gas. Although I mostly use this app for finding the cheapest gas stations in my area, GasBuddy also has a feature where you can put in what type of car you have and it will alert you of any recalls. Overall I thought it was a really cool app and has saved me quite a bit of money already.


Project FI and Republic Wireless –  I’ve been following Google’s Project FI and Republic Wireless for some time. Both apps work towards cheaper cell phone service. Having a cell phone bill that is $15-$20 will certainly beat my $67.00 verizon bill every month for sure!


So how do Project FI and Republic Wireless work? Both apps are only compatible with certain phones sold mostly by Motorola; here is a complete list of phones for Project FI and Republic Wireless. The way you get service through both service carriers, is essentially through switching between various networks and wifi. Both services tap into T-Mobile and Sprint networks which allow you access to hotspots and networks virtually anywhere. Need data? You can also purchase additional data from both services. If a $15.00 phone bill means not streaming netflix from my phone, and just using my phone for regular functions; well that sounds like a win to me!


JobScan Are you going to be looking for a new job this summer? If so, you’ll need to dust off your resume and JobScan is just the tool for the job. JobScan is honestly revolutionary in that you can upload your resume and it will tell you which positions your resume is targeted towards. You can also copy and paste the job description you are looking for and it will help you find your highlighted skills.


JobScan also helps will coverletters, highlighting your skills, and above all getting your resume seen through search bots and filters that companies use to view resumes. If you’re planning on job hunting this summer, JobScan is a must! It’s a huge time saver and probably the most efficient way out there to get your resume seen.

Conclusion – Well there you have it folks! 3 tech savvy ways to save some time and money this summer. I hope that you find some of these links and services useful; I know I have! Do you have an app or website that has helped you out? Let us know in the comments below and share with the community!

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