Five Profitable Side Gigs for Single Parents to Boost Their Income Without Losing Much Precious Time
Five Profitable Side Gigs for Single Parents to Boost Their Income Without Losing Much Precious Time

Five Profitable Side Gigs for Single Parents to Boost Their Income Without Losing Much Precious Time

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When you’re a single parent, you can always use more money, more rest, more time; however, your resources are somewhat limited. For many people, a side gig is the answer to being cash-strapped — still, as a single parent, you cannot afford to sacrifice too many hours or else you’d lose precious time with your family. The best method to earn money on the side without squeezing time out of your schedule is by getting a side hustle that brings cash even when you are not active.
Side Gigs Are Great Income-Bringers
If you want to find a side gig that doesn’t require much time and can be done mostly from your home, there are many options to choose from. For instance, numerous job platforms have many side gigs you can try out. You’ll be able to earn an extra income from the comfort of your home while balancing time with your kids and other responsibilities. In this gig economy, having a side hustle could grow into your career, so the following gigs are most lucrative and take very little time.
Start and Monetize Your Blog
Many parents have blogs where they document their cooking adventures, crafting projects, and gorgeous pictures of their kids. You can create an easy extra income stream by placing Google ads onto your website or blog and then marketing your platform on other sites.
Dog Sit If You Love Animals
Being a dog walker or a pet sitter can bring in decent amounts of money while taking very little time. Depending on your clients’ locations, pet-sitting may make it possible for you to serve multiple customers every hour.
Try Freelance Career Counseling
Freelancing is the ideal way to earn either a part-time or full-time income. The best part is that there are plenty of ways to freelance, depending on your skills and interests. For instance, if you’ve worked in human resources before or even had a background in counseling, you can give career counseling a shot. As a career counselor, you’ll work with all sorts of people, offering guidance and advice to, for instance, influential business people or high school kids just starting in the world. Along with helping clients find the right careers, you can help others improve their existing careers and offer advice on how to get further along on their path.
Set Up an Online Store
Online shopping is not the future anymore; it’s the present — and a lucrative side gig for many people worldwide. According to surveys, 2.05 billion people purchased goods online in 2020, with sales expected to reach $4.2 trillion soon. When you set up your own e-commerce store, you get a share of those trillions without sacrificing a lot of time.
To be successful, have a desirable product and an audience to sell it to. Use social media to demonstrate your product and market your store. Lastly, create a continual presence online, get an e-commerce platform to support the payment processing part, and have accounting software to track the orders and log your profits for tax purposes.
If you need some help getting your e-commerce business off the ground, you can consult with an e-commerce services professional. You can find the specialists through online job platforms and then consider their reviews and fees before hiring.
Be a Yoga Instructor
Perhaps the most relaxing side gig, yoga teaching, can be the ideal way to transform your passion and skills into a side job. Not only do yoga teachers lead classes in person, but they can also record their own courses and sell them online while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Pursue Your Interests with Side Gigs
Side jobs allow you to do what you love and turn it into a profit. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own blog, teach a yoga class, or help people find their careers, side gigs can allow you to boost your income while pursuing those interests and still spending time with your family.

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