This App Is Helping Americans Save Money on Gas
This App Is Helping Americans Save Money on Gas

This App Is Helping Americans Save Money on Gas

“Wait a minute. What did you just say? You’re predicting $4-a-gallon gas? … That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that.”― George W. Bush

Back in 2018 I wrote a blog entitled Three Tech Savvy Apps That Will Help You Save Money This Summer. Well I guess in a way history repeats itself because once again one of the apps on that original blog really will help you save money on gas for the foreseeable future. It’s no surprise to anyone that since Russia invaded Ukraine gas prices have been off the charts. With the United State’s continuing to enforce sanctions against Russia we as a country find ourselves in a little bit of an energy pickle. In the event you don’t have a Tesla or electric car I wanted to provide you some ways we can hopefully save some money on gas for the foreseeable future!

Gas Buddy – As the title of this blog suggests this is the app that will help everyone around the country save money. Gas Buddy is an app that allows people to register gas prices around their geographic location. Which means.. That you can see what stations are charging what prices before you gas up. I honestly have started using this app again and it’s been a lifesaver. What I like most about this app aren’t necessarily the rewards it offers or any of the actual bells and whistles of the app. I like how it makes purchasing gas an intentional choice. When gas prices are “acceptable” it’s easy to go to any station and fill up, we don’t really think twice if we’re paying .10 more a gallon or if we’re paying in cash or credit. However, with prices as high as they are, this app enables people to work together to report Gas Stations that are gouging, and stations that are offering the cheapest prices. I would really encourage everyone to download this app for the time being while gas prices remain to rise. 

Have Some Cash On You – Like I mentioned in the previous point, when gas prices are within reason we don’t really care if we pay cash or credit for gas. However the more I pay attention to this aspect the more I see a huge difference. When paying for gas with a credit card you are almost paying .10 more per gallon than you would be paying in cash. Because of this, I’ve started to pay for gas in cash which means I’ll get gas at a cheaper rate and essentially get more for my money. Now if you can find a gas station that offers the same price cash and credit, that’s a station worth keeping. 

Start A Small Business –  I don’t think anyone probably saw this last point coming. However it’s all strategy. Being a real estate agent/ landlord allows me to write off gas as a business expense which in essence helps bring down my taxable income which is excellent. However, say you don’t have a real estate license or don’t own a rental property, well there are a ton of other small businesses that can be created and each one allows you the opportunity to write off your gas along with other expenses which in turn only helps you out. I really enjoyed this blog which might give you some ideas on what you can create and what you can write off!

Conclusion – This is a time in history where we all need to hang in there. As a result of rising gas prices everything will go up #butnotwages. We as a country have seen this scenario or a similar scenario many times and we can weather this storm by working together. What apps, tricks or tips do you have to save on fuel or energy? Everyone in the community would benefit to hear from you!

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