The Great Resignation and Why It should Be A Wake Up Call To Employers
The Great Resignation and Why It should Be A Wake Up Call To Employers

The Great Resignation and Why It should Be A Wake Up Call To Employers

“I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people flourish when they are praised.” Richard Branson

During Covid-19 the world as a whole was absolutely turned upside down. Businesses around the globe were all challenged in one way or another. Yet with challenges rise opportunities.While most of the world was waiting for employers to rise to the occasion, a funny thing happened: it was the employees who had the uprising and hence the great resignation was formed. I think the pandemic housed alot of pain, grief, and division amongst the world; yet one beautiful thing that did come to the surface was the power of choice and the way we choose to work. In today’s blog I want to take the time to share my thoughts on the great resignation, what’s changed, and what the job market might look like in the future. 

What Just Happened – Before the pandemic I think it’s safe to say that companies, in a way, “ruled” over employees. Workplace flexibility wasn’t there, most companies lacked basic empathy for their employees regarding their personal lives, oh yea and the pay wasn’t that great either (#takeyourjobandshoveit). Once the pandemic hit all of that changed. Soon businesses found themselves at the mercy of the market. Small businesses were struggling, consumers were quarantined at home, and businesses needed to find a way to adapt not only through the products and services they provided; but also how to create the illusion of a stable environment for their employees. Let’s face it, no employee wants to be on a sinking ship, and what was discovered during the great resignation is that employees can not only jump from a sinking ship, buy land amongst a better yacht and sail off into the sunset with better pay, more flexibility, and better opportunities. 

What Employees Want – During this time I’m pretty sure the job market has spoken. In essence what I got from the shift in worker mentality is that employees want more flexibility either in a hybrid role or working from home. When employers see working from home they cringe because they feel that productivity goes down. However I don’t think there is a study out there that doesn’t state when employees are comfortable and happy they become more efficient and productive (#duh) The pandemic provided an ecosystem of choice where employees were no longer ruled by a job market where businesses have the upper hand. Instead businesses were at the mercy of finding the right people and offering their employees benefits that will ultimately keep them. What we know in today’s market is that retention is key. Many companies and employers were absolutely deaf to employee needs for so long and the pandemic completely changed the role. Those businesses who were doing it right survived. Those companies that missed the mark also found some of their best talent finding greener pastures. 

The Future – I feel the future of employment should be an easy one to figure out, as it appears employees around the world have spoken. I think in our future workforce arrangements, we should see more remote or flexible work. Even if positions aren’t advertised as such I think employees will have the right to request either a remote or hybrid schedule. I think that we can also expect employees around the globe to request more from their employers such as pay, time off, sick time, and health benefits. For employers who cannot supply these items to their employees they either need to make up for their shortcomings by providing a state of the art work environment, or will inevitably be stunted by the market. 

Conclusion – The great resignation is being felt around the world by companies of all sizes and all industries. In all honesty the great resignation is  a movement of sorts. I think in the future we will see a huge shift in work arrangements, employer’s flexibility, and workplace culture which is something to certainly look forward to. Companies are starting to figure out that making their employees happy comes number one. If an organization’s  employees are happy their customers will be happy; which is the best outcome imaginable for a business. What are your thoughts? Did you change jobs during the great resignation? What was your experience? We’d love to hear it!

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